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Synaptic stands for “Synergy of New Advanced Public Transport Solutions Improving Connectivity in North-West Europe” and is an EU-Funded INTERREG IVB cluster of the four North-West European mobility projects RoCK, BAPTS, Sintropher and ICMA amobilife. It brings together 52 partners, from eight North-West European Countries with one common objective: to enhance the framework conditions for intermodality and seamless door-to-door journeys.

Interreg IVB NWE funded project cluster Synaptic consists of 52 partners from eight Northwest European countries:


For ICMA (Improving Connectivity and Mobility Access)






For RoCK (Regions of Connected Knowledge)






For Sintropher







For BAPTS (Boosting Advanced Public Transport Systems)





S-MAP 2030  I  Policy Recommendations and Action Plan for Seamless Mobility in North West Europe


Round Table Event in Brussels, 12th April 2013, successfully concludes Consultation Phase ! Presentations by DG-Move and the TAP TSI project available for download further below!

S-MAP 2030 (Seamless Mobility Action Plan for 2030) presents recommendations for policy changes and investment initiatives at EU, national and regional levels. They will help build a system of seamless door-to-door journeys in the North West Europe (NWE) region, focused on the needs of the individual traveller.

S-MAP 2030 sets out a vision and guiding principles  that will  help achieve a radical improvement in daily door-to-door journeys in NWE by 2030 by identifying opportunities (“development potentials”) and market barriers (“crunch points”) that need to be unlocked to facilitate seamless journeys.

S-MAP 2030 is based on an analysis of journeys  completed in the NWE region in 2012, on expert reviews of current European good practice, on consultations with industry and passegnerorgansiations and round table seminars involving representatives of representatives of the European Commssion.  Detailed Findings are available upon request (S-MAP 2030 Technical Report, November 2012; S-MAP 2030 Technical Report of NWE Journey Audits, November 2012).

Published in 12/2012 , feedback from numerous key mobility stakeholders in North-West Europe  has led to futher elaborating short and long-term recommendations of this  S-MAP 2030 Action Plan towards policy makers and stakeholders at all levels  whose decisions and actions can alone make it happen.

Download screen version
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Overview on Roundtable events engaging with key European mobility stakeholders contributing to develop and fine-tune the S-MAP 2030 Action Plan:

Round Table 4, dedicated to  share and discuss S-MAP 2030 recommendations with selected European experts and agencies in the field of transport policy and programmes hosted by the sintropher Interreg IVB NWE project, Brussels, 12th April 2013 | More Information; download  Full programme

Donwload: Inputs by EC /DG MOVE by Dr. Marcel Rommerts| The 2011 Transport White Paper & by Rütger Fenkes, TPA TSI project leader | TAP TSI -Making Seamless Mobility a Reality

Round Table 3, dedicated to “What can we learn from adjoining industries and sectors (car, logistics, airline) that can facilitate a seamless and attractive travel experience for the multi-modal passenger journey of the future?” hosted by the RoCK Interreg IVB NWE project, Brussels, 30th January 2013 | More Information; download Agenda (overview) or Full programme

Download the Synthesis Report of Round Table 3 by Henk Kok and the SYNAPTIC Synthesis on Integrated Ticketing by Gösta Weber, RocK Interreg IVB NWE Project

Round Table 2 dedicated to” Seamless Mobility of an Ageing Population”
hosted by the ICMA Amobilife Interreg IVB NWE project, Genk, 13th March 2012 | Download the Synthesis Report by Stuart Murray

Round Table 1 (SYNAPTIC Launch Event dedicated to SYNAPTIC Declaration),
hosted by the BAPTS Interreg IVB NWE project, Liège, 9th June 2011 | Download the SYNAPTIC Declaration


Transnational Travel Audit

Final results of the Transnational Travel Audit were presented by Dr Robin Hickman (UCL/SYNAPTIC), with a presentation at the Royal Geographical Society annual conference in Edinburgh.

The focus layed on the original methodology developed by the project to examine the balance between ‘instrumental’ factors (practical aspects, such as cost, schedules etc.) and ‘affective’ factors (emotions influenced by travelling) on the journey experience. The relative importance of these two-sets of factors remains unknown, but through the student journey audits the SYNAPTIC project has made significant progress in providing a means for investigation, and a sample of data to support policy recommendations for improving transport from the traveller’s perspective.

From January to April 2012, a transnational scenario development team, consisting out of 12 selected students from 5 universities, worked on developing a synthesis of NWE mobility project results in form of scenarios for future seamless travel.

With the support of experts from the 4 NWE mobility projects, RoCK, BAPTS, ICMA and SINTROPHER and experts from the engaging universities, the interdisciplinary team of mostly postgraduate students from the University College London, University of Aberdeen, University of Wuppertal as well as the Imageneering Department of the University of Breda of Applied Sciences, analyzed typical North West European journies from different target group perspectives. Please visit our blogspot to follow up on the transnational student travel audit postings.

The student’s work will be one of several contributions upon which the synaptic partnership will base its recommendations for future EU funding priorities, especially in the area of Interreg V mobility and transport projects.

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Synaptic Awards for Excellence in Seamless Mobility 2012-13


SYNAPTIC – the Interreg IVB Northwest European mobility project cluster – proudly presents the Synaptic Award winners 2013 for Excellence in Seamless Mobility.


 Download the Brochure: SYNAPTIC Awards for Excellence in Seamless Mobility – Announcing the winners for 2013!

The 2013 Synaptic Award winners are:

1. The best multimodal door-to-door solution: Switzerland Tourism, A Network of Ecomobile Routes in Switzerland

2. The best public transport solution: City of Zagreb, Safety for Elderly People in Zagreb Public Transport, Croatia

3. The best mobility management solution: Docklands Light Railway, Ambassadors and Accessibility Trips, Docklands Light Railway, London, UK

The Winners were honoured in a ceremony at the European Conference on Mobility Management (ECOMM) in Gävle, Sweden, 31 May 2013 where they received a certificate and in addition gained Europe- wide recognition for their initiatives for innovative action – and the sharing of innovative practices – in the field of sustainable transport in European cities and regions.

The SYNAPTIC Awards Jury Members:

  • Caroline Almeras: Specialist in European affairs, policies and lobbying and Secretary General of ECTRI since 2010
  • Marisa de Brito: Manager of Research and Academic Education at NHTV, The University of Applied Science in Breda, the Netherlands
  • Raf Canters: joined Mobiel21 in 2004, where he works in urban transport and mobility, focussing on sustainable transport and urban policy
  • Willy Smeulders: Board member of the Flemish Belgian passenger federation, Trein TramBus and council member of the European Passengers’ Federation


  1. The best multimodal door-to-door travel solution (Eltis category: Intermodality)
  2. The best public transport solution (Eltis category: Collective passenger transport)
  3. The best mobility management solution (Eltis category: Mobility management)


  • Innovative (in all its forms) character
  • Focus on the passenger perspective
  • Effectiveness
  • Value for money
  • Level and quality of stakeholder involvement
  • Appropriateness to the local context
  • Leads to or demonstrates seamless mobility
  • Use of available data

SYNAPTIC Awards 2012

Read more about the Synaptic Award Winners 2012.

The following entries for 2012 were received: Synaptic Awards Entries 2012

Further impressions from the Synaptic Awards Ceremony at the ECOMM conference in Frankfurt/Main:  Synpatic Awards Ceremony 2012

For further information:
Bonnie Fenton, SYNAPTIC Awards Coordinator
+49-(0)221-60 60 55 27